TUT Pochita Keycaps Set

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KIT: All ln one
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Source of inspiration:

Chainsaw Man: Denji is a teenager who earns a living as a demon hunter alongside "Chainsaw Demon" Pochita. Because he had to pay off the debt left by his parents, he lived in poverty every day, lived in a dilapidated wooden house, sold his body organs, ate toast without jam all day long, and even inherited his mother's heart The problem began to vomit blood, and even the life of ordinary people was an extravagant expectation for him. One day he was betrayed and killed. In a trance, Denji signed a contract with Pochita, possessed a devil's heart, and resurrected as "Chainsaw Man".


  • Brand:TUT
  • Designer:Keyboard Blue
  • Type:Keycaps
  • Profile:Cherry
  • Material:PBT
  • Production Method:Dye-Sublimation
  • Kits:Base/NovelTies/NumPad/SpaceBars
  • Only Keycaps Included, No Keyboard