Group Buy Policy

  • Group Buy products will run according to the time specified by the seller. If uncontrollable factors such as virus prevention, natural disasters, national policies and other uncontrollable factors affect the transportation time, the seller will not bear any responsibility, but we will actively help you solve this problem.

  • If the Group Buy product is not due to quality problems, we do not accept free returns for reasons such as "I don't like it" or "unsatisfactory effect", and the buyer needs to bear all the transportation costs.

  • Within 7 days after the order is delivered, the product must be unused and in a brand new unopened state. We can accept returns, but the buyer needs to pay the return cost, including shipping costs and customs fees, ALOHAKB will not refund these costs.

  • For unshipped goods, we can provide the service of modifying the delivery information. If the delivery has already occurred, the buyer is required to pay all the shipping costs and provide new delivery information. If the order has been cancelled for the goods that have been shipped, we will not refund any fees. If you encounter other problems, you can communicate with our customer service.

  • When the item in the transaction needs to be returned for a refund, we will charge a PayPal processing fee of 4.4%. Unfortunately, PayPal has changed its policy for sellers. (If the refund is due to ALOHAKB's product delay or quality problem, ALOHAKB will pay these fees.)

  • ALOHAKB does not take any responsible actions for each country's tariff issues, policy issues, fuel costs, warehouse fees, express delivery fees and other issues. Buyers are responsible for understanding the local imported product policies and completing tariff payment and other issues by themselves. Customers who refuse to pay are not eligible for a refund.

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