EPBT Doll Doubleshot PBT Keycaps Set ALOHAKB

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The Doll kaycaps designed by Ray and manufactured by EPBT factory. EPBT factory uses new molds and Craftsmanship. The design is inspired by Lo SK (Lolita), the color matching of the keycaps looks so gentle and soft and with many personalized decorations like as headdresses, bows, hats, roses, etc, then added extra playful and cute style.

  • Manufacturer:EPBT
  • Designer:Ray
  • Type:Keycaps
  • Profile:Cherry
  • Material:PBT
  • Production Method:  Doubleshot 
  • Kits:  Base/Novelties/Numpad/Spacebar/International kits
  • Only Keycaps Included, No Keyboard


US: Divinikey
EU: MaxGaming
AUS: Allcaps