CreateKeebs Stamp Keycaps Cherry Profile Dye-Sublimation PBT Set ALOHAKB

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KIT: All In One

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Will be released on December 10, 2022

Inspired by:

While sorting through old things, I turn to a letter from an old friend many years ago and remember the age of sending messages by letter. At that time, the letters always carry the sincerity and desire, because of the slow transmission of letters, let us know how to cherish time, in each letter to express our deep care and love. But now with advanced technology and rapid information dissemination, that feeling no longer exists. Hence the idea of creating "stamps".

In terms of color collocation, we used the color of letter paper as the main color, varying shades of color to highlight the sense of layers, and then used the more active Hermes orange as an ornament.

  • Manufacturer:CreateKeebs
  • Designer:Ovie Grant
  • Type:Keycaps
  • Profile:Cherry
  • Material:PBT
  • Production Method:Dye-Sublimation
  • Total Keys:187Key
  • Kits: All In One
  • Only Keycaps Included, No Keyboard

Global: AlohaKB



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