Cold Weapon Keycaps Set ALOHAKB

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The design inspiration of the cold weapon comes from the film Gladiator. There is no modern hot weapon. It relies on skills and skilled use of the cold weapon. It also makes people excited. It perfectly shows the charm of the cold weapon and the courage and fearlessness of the soldiers in the fight to death. The design of the key cap basically covers more than 95% of the keyboard layout. In terms of color selection, the designer adopts blue and orange, which is very jumping and energetic as a whole.

  • Brand:ePBT
  • Designer:Bartley
  • Type:Keycaps
  • Profile:Cherry
  • Material:PBT
  • Production Method:Dye-Sublimation
  • Kits:Base/NovelTies/Alphas/40s/NumPad/International/SpaceBars
  • Only Keycaps Included, No Keyboard


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